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dedesign is Carlos García-Sancho (read more)
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dedesign is  /architecture
/graphic design and image editing
/video editing
/computer-aided drawing
/hand drawing
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 EN: Are we overdesigning the world?

More and more, design is regarded as a discipline that doesn't attempt to substantially change the world we live in, but just make the flaws in it look nicer.

I am however interested in how design practices can deal with more complex issues, if not solving them, at least raising a discussion of how they should be dealt with. I always sensed a lack of debate in how designers shape the world they live in, a mix of carefreeness, self-indulgence, endogamy and mere irresponsibility. Thus maybe it is time to dedesign, to set back and question our conventions and priorities, to remember that we are designing mainly for non-designers, that many aspects of our everyday life are better left undesigned. I want to escape the limitations of a rigid specialization and develop transdisciplinary and transmedia projects. I am a
n architect pretending to be a graphic designer pretending to be a video-editor and pretending to make a living out of it.

And posting some of his work so far in the web.

If you have a project that could fit in this guidelines, or any comments, please share.

DE: Überentwerfen wir die Welt?

Das Ziel von dedesign ist, die realen Bedürfnisse und Grenzen der Design-Praxis zu erforschen. Ein Design, das für und von den 'nicht-designers' gemacht ist. Ein Architekt, der ein Grafiker zu sein behauptet, der ein Video-Editor zu sein behauptet, der seinen Lebensunterhalt damit zu verdienen behauptet.

Und er stellt seine bisherige Projekte ins Netz.

Wenn Du ein solches Projekt im Kopf hast, oder noch eine Meinung, bitte nimm Kontakt mit mir auf.

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ES: ¿Estamos sobrediseñando el mundo?

El objetivo de dedesign es explorar las necesidades y limitaciones reales de la praxis del diseño, si es que las hay. Un diseño hecho por y para los 'no diseñadores'. Un arquitecto que pretende ser un diseñador gráfico que pretende ser un montador de video que pretende vivir de ello en Berlin.

Y que cuelga sus trabajos hasta ahora en la web.

Si tienes proyectos que puedan encajar en estas premisas, o si tienes comentarios, por favor ponte en contacto.

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camp metropolità

Urban project to try to foresee and analyze the development that the Spanish high speed train (AVE) will bring when it builds a train station in La Secuita, Tarragona, a village of around 1 500 inhabitants between the rivaling cities of Tarragona and Reus. This station will serve as a local hub for a population of over 400 000. The project was developed together with Adrià Escolano at the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB) with Jorge Perea and Carles Crosses.

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baladona tetris

Final project for the Urbanism course (“Urbanística VI”) at the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB) under the supervision of professors Manuel Bailo and Francesc Bacardit. The task proposed was converting the Badalona Sud industrial complex near Barcelona, Spain, to a residential area, imagining the existing industrial warehouses were to be dismantled.
The project proposed a general urban plan together with some housing typologies to “assemble” this new urban fabric, in the fashion of a Tetris game. The main two goals directing the project were the introduction of dwelling typologies with accessible roof terraces and the recuperation of a lost visual relation with the sea.

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"Cooljas" was the title of a booklet presented as a final project for the "Art and Architecture Theory" course (Composició III) in June 2007, under the supervision of Josep Maria Montaner at the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB). Project carried out together with Adrià Escolano, Xavier Pagès and Pavel Cueto.

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